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Visa & Immigration

Non EU resident do require a visa to enter United Kingdom.
Check what visa you need.

Handling your Finances

While in the foreign land, you have to be very keen and careful regarding money maters. Most of the times, students make number of mistakes which imbalances their budget and create other financial problems and suffer being broke. There are plenty of ways you can manage your financial issues. To know more about managing and overcoming these problems - Click on the link given below.

Nightlife. Pubs. Clubs.

Entertainment. This country has lots of it!

What else we have for you to explore

Hidden gems

United Kingdom is best known for its Medival and rich history, but there are some hidden gems in this country of rich history.

A perfect places to go with your loved ones or your friends, absolutely lovely!

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If you're a student, and a traveller. You must explore the beautiful neighbourhood of Britain.

Take your passports out and see the world. There are places you should not miss while in the United Kingdom

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London and the entire United Kingdom is full of Casinos. People around the world visit Britain and do visit the world's classy casinos as well

If you think, you're enough lucky to have a game these are must try for you.

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Dinner Dates

While at university, there are more chances you do this, to have a nice dinner date with your partner.

Cozy, discreet and nice restraunts perfect to go with someone you admire!

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How students and Travellers are trapped in the
streets of London.

Across the hectic life of the capital, students and tourists are the target for scammers.
Out of millions of people, the easiest clue and tourist give is holding a map in his hand
We might have seen plenty of people holding a city map in their hand, or asking someone
for directions. Rather than asking for directions and letting people know that you are
targeted by the pick pockets, and other scammers around the city, they are not just one
or two, they are many in numbers in usually found at crowdy areas like Picadilly Circus,
Madame Tussade, and other busy places like Big Ben, because most of the crowd found there
are tourists.

Some of them can't even speak English, that's another drawback. A tourist in an English
speaking country, is an easy target for Scammers. If someone comes to you saying that
"they have lost their wallet, and have their oyester in their hand and telling
you about their circumstance in a very polite manner, then you must be aware of this, because
scammers use this trick to fool people. Unfortunately, they get successful too. Your little
presence of mind can save you money and can save you from the people who try to rob you in a
sophasticated manner.

These people dress smart, their hairstyle and their looks will show them like a professional
but do not trust anyone, that can be a scam . All you need to do is just to keep a
significant distance in public, by less talking to strangers. And avoid giving them money. View More

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